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Frequently Asked Questions

Published: September 12, 2018

Q) What is a prearrangement?
A) A pre-arrangement in the simplest form is recording your final wishes with a local funeral home and providing your family with a copy.
Q) Are there different types of prearrangements?
A) Yes. There are funded and unfunded prearrangements as well as guaranteed and nonguaranteed prearrangements. Funded means that you have prepaid monies towards your final expenses. Unfunded means that you have only recorded your wishes and the family will pay the expenses upon death. It is very important to understand the difference between Guaranteed and Nonguaranteed. Guaranteed means that the funeral home guarantees all their products and services are paid in full upon signing and paying in full a prearrangement contract. A nonguaranteed prearrangement does NOT guarantee their products and services will not cost more in the future and the family will need to pay the funeral home the difference in cost upon death.
Q) What type of prearrangements do your funeral homes offer?
A) All of our funeral homes write funded prearrangements that are guaranteed. We are happy to meet with you and record your wishes, but they are NOT guaranteed until funded.
Q) What happens to my prearrangement if I move?
A) All of our prearrangements are fully portable to any funeral home, so you do not need to worry that you will lose your money if you prearrange with us and then move in the future. Also if you do not move more than 100 miles away we can still go to your new home and take you into our care for your final arrangements.
Q) What do you do to safeguard the monies received for prearrangements?
A) The monies that we collect are placed in fully portable third-party trusts or insurance policies. The funeral director that you meet with will discuss which option is best for you.
Q) What happens if I pass away while I am traveling?
A) We offer a travel protection plan that if you are more than 75 miles away from your home address will arrange for the cremation and transportation back to us. If you have opted for burial, the travel protection plan will arrange for preparation and transportation of the body to be returned to us for final burial arrangements. This can save you thousands of dollars of  transportation costs.
For more information about pre-arrangements please call 541-265-2751 to schedule an appointment with one of our funeral directors.

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