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How to Design a Burial Service on a Budget Part Two

Published: September 18, 2021

Sometimes traditional services do not fit the needs of a family. In this case, an alternative solution may be more beneficial for the service. There are many ways to have a burial service that does not fit the traditional practices. In part two, the focus will be lesser known burial ideas that can fit a wider variety of needs.

Green Cemetery Burial

A green cemetery burial is done in a natural way where the body can break down and return to the earth. This typically means that if a body is being buried, the body either has not been embalmed or has been embalmed with formaldehyde-free products. The body or ashes are buried in a container that will biodegrade over time. There are green and pioneer cemeteries which allow for burial in a shroud or biodegradable container, without being embalmed or needing an outer burial container.

Mausoleum or Columbarium Burial

A mausoleum is an option for an above ground burial for caskets. To be buried in a mausoleum, it is typically required to be embalmed to help slow the process of decomposition. A columbarium allows for above ground burial of urns. These are large structures where the casket or urn is placed inside a compartment called a crypt or niche. There are many similarities between a cemetery and mausoleum, such as the ability to purchase family plots, vases for flowers and a customizable name plate.

Memorial Garden

There are many types of biodegradable urns, such as earth, sand or salt urns. For a garden, a blooming bio-urn could be a perfect option. It is a biodegradable urn created from recycled materials in the United States with blooming expression perennial wildflowers seeds in it. The container can be buried with a marker in the garden to remember the loved one.

Ocean Burial

A body or ashes may be buried at sea in an acceptable biodegradable container or scattered at least three nautical miles from land. The container must not contain plastic of any kind, float, or otherwise contribute to marine debris.

Urn Burial

Just like caskets, urns are able to be buried in a cemetery, garden or columbarium. Most urns can be buried, though some cemeteries will require that an urn is able to be detected through the use of a probe. This makes sure that they can find the urn in the years to come. In a natural cemetery, they may require that the urn is biodegradable. This is not an exhaustive list of burial ideas.

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